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Arthur Dorros, author of "Abuelo," visits Paul Revere

posted Mar 8, 2017, 3:37 PM by Brian Lawler
On Tuesday, March 7th, Arthur Dorros paid a visit to Paul Revere to talk with the students about writing and how to write a book. 

During the assemblies, he talked to the whole group a bit about his childhood, how he got into writing, and from where he gets inspiration for his stories. For example, for his most famous book, Abuela, he was out and saw a grandparent with a young girl in Nepal. Then he saw an image with many, many birds surrounding a child. And that's how the idea of Abuela was born.

During the writing workshops, he worked with the groups to take a ideas the students came up with to create the introduction to a story. Then he left the introductions so that the students can work on their own endings.

The students (and everyone else!) were very excited and honored to be visited by the author of one of their favorite books.  Thank you for visiting with us at Paul Revere Mr. Dorros!!