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Fire Up Your Feet is Underway!!

posted Oct 1, 2015, 5:59 AM by Brian Lawler
Instead of doing a 1-day Walk-a-thon as we have done in prior years, this year we are dedicating an entire month
to physical fitness!  Fire Up Your Feet is an event taking place at schools all across the county, where students, parents, faculty, staff, and everyone else in the community are encouraged to track their daily physical activity.  Our goal is to have everyone be active for at least an hour every day for the month of October and beyond.  Activity may be tracked on the handouts that went home in the 9/30 Wednesday packets, or online at  All of our activity will be entered into the online tracker on that site, which will make the school eligible for award money if we have a high participation rate.  Everything counts: walking to/from school, recess, PhysEd class, after school activities -- so let's get to it!

We will also be gathering in pledge money from friends, family, neighbors, and innocent bystanders to support the school.  The PTA supports many programs that make Paul Revere special, including field trips, teacher supplies, books, morning snack, and special programs.  But those programs cost money and events like this are the main source for that money.

This is the first year we are trying this, and we are very excited about the potential of this event - not only as a fundraiser but also as a way to promote healthy lifestyles.  The culmination of our month of firing up our feet will be on Friday 10/30 at our Harvest Healthfest.  It's a celebration of autumn, of being healthy, and who knows - some kids may even dress up as their favorite super hero!  More to come on that...