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Parents as Partners, Students as Teachers

posted Oct 7, 2014, 3:29 PM by Brian Lawler
As many of you know last week was our third annual parents as partners week. Parents as partners is a program that aims to engage parents to become more a part of their child's education.  Rather than the typical parent-teacher conferences that are geared towards discussing the academic progress of a student, the meetings last week between parents and teachers were to discuss the aspirations that parents have for their children, and how parents and teachers can work together to meet those goals.

It's obviously quite a time commitment for both the parents and teachers to make time in to meet like this.  So, in an attempt to offer as many time slots as possible this year, teachers were able to offer up Thursday during the school day to meet with parents.  And what did the kids do during those meetings?  They got a healthy dosage of science from student teachers studying at the Bay Area Teacher Training Institute.  So, while teachers were getting a chance for a face-to-face time with parents that they may not otherwise have had, students were getting a science lesson from the Bay Area's next generation of teachers.  BA-TTI is also the organization that beings us math and science nights during the school year.  And here are some photos of the students and student-teachers in action!