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Paul Revere Receives three Innovation Lab Grants from SF Education Fund!

posted May 16, 2014, 8:19 AM by Brian Lawler
The San Francisco Education Fund has approved three grant proposals out of the five submitted as part of their Innovation Lab Grant. This program seeks out school-level initiatives that bring ground-breaking ideas to light.

Many thanks to the SF Education Fund for their support of our School through the providing funding for the following programs:
Mission Science Workshop: The Mission Science Workshop has provided the students of Paul Revere Spanish Immersion and General Education programs with enrichment in the sciences for the past 6 years. This occurs on school site with investigative projects in the classrooms (historically 2 times per month, though this has been scaled back to once per month due to limited funding), as well as through field trips to the MSW lab in Mission High School (3 times per year per class). Our Revere faculty are also provided with professional development by MSW staff in integrating science curricula into their classrooms, an activity we would also like to expand. The developmentally appropriate inquiry and exploration-based learning in life-sciences, physics, engineering, and botany are invaluable and have been integrated into our literature and art curricula by many teachers and we believe this can be augmented further.  Our current costs are $5K per year and we requested that Innovation Lab grant us funding for half of the 2014-2015 school year.  They enthusiastically responded by funding our partnership with MSW for the entire school year and we look forward to continuing in this innovative community-collaboration in education!

Performing Arts Workshop: Being a small K-8 our middle school has struggled to provide arts enrichment that commonly accompanies a middle school education. In the past year Revere has been able to leverage its longstanding partnership with the Performing Arts Workshop to provide a Spoken Word elective to its middle school students.

This Spoken Word elective has become the centerpiece of our emerging electives wheel, which empowers students to actively engage in designing their own education. In addition this elective introduces students to culturally relevant poets and performing artists and provides opportunities to share their work with their community through culminating public performances. Through the Innovation Lab Grant Revere will be able to continue to partner with Performing Arts Workshop to provide high-level arts education to our students.

Parents As Partners: Paul Revere is a diverse community spanning cultural, linguistic and socio-economic divides. In this complex environment communication among school, parents, students and community partners is of utmost importance.  Over the past two years Revere has utilized a handbook/calendar that allows us a common reference point for school policy, scheduled events and community partnerships. This guide has become a cornerstone of our Parents as Partners project and SF Ed Fund has generously agreed to fund production of Revere Guide for Parents and Families for the 2014-15 school year, and as our web presence continues to expand we will be incorporating the Guide's content into our web site.