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Proposition A Update - Community Feedback

posted Feb 17, 2014, 10:54 PM by Brian Lawler
The Community Review process is underway for the Proposition A funded renovation of the Paul Revere campus facilities.  Send any questions or concerns you may have about this work to  

What follows is the Community feedback that has been gathered to date.


  • Can the Architects leave a copy of the Building Plans with the school, so stakeholders can spend some time getting to know the changes?
    • Could a PDF of the Plans be posted on the school’s website?
  • Will the new proposed Library space be large enough for all of the books/technology that the Library will need?
  • Can the Lower Grades (PreK–2) legally be put on the second floor?
    • Two teachers and one parent stated that PreK and Kindergarten classrooms are required to be on the First Floor, per Education code, SFUSD ADA Office, and SFUSD Buildings and Grounds.
  • There’s no place specifically mentioned in the Architects’ notes for a mini clinic for sick kids. [The nurse’s office will be in the Wellness Center, yes?]
  • Moving the Special Ed PreK program to the Second Floor of the Main Building will disenfranchise those children and their families and teachers.
    • Multiple concerns over disabled children being forced to use an elevator to reach their classroom
      • Some children cannot climb the stairs but are afraid of elevators.
      • Many of these children are not only physically handicapped but also have cognitive issues. For some kids, they don’t have the ability to go down stairs safely on their own or know better to avoid staircases; for others, riding in an elevator could trigger anxiety attacks.
      • If the elevator breaks down, disabled children will not be able to get to their classroom or back down to the ground floor.
      • In the event of a fire or earthquake, disabled kids cannot be evacuated quickly enough.
      • Elevator-only access forces a Special Ed child to take precious time out of their day to wait for the elevator every time there is an outside activity for the classroom.
    • The current outdoor play space is both safe for children with physical disabilities and an environment where therapies can be administered.
      • Easy access to the outdoor area is critical for children to be able to calm down; an easily accessible indoor play area will not serve the same function.
    • The current classroom is well set up with kitchen equipment (for kids who need special foods or sterilized feeding equipment), accessible bathroom, and indoor therapy areas.
      • Easy access to a refrigerator and microwave is a requirement for at least one current Special Ed PreK student.
      • The current space is large, with ample lighting (no fluorescent lights on during the day, per research that says they are particularly hard for children with autism).
  • An entrance ramp to get up to the Main Building’s First Floor makes it harder for kids who have special walkers to get up to the room (slopes are hard, even if they are shallow).
    • If the ramp is not covered, it would become virtually impossible to traverse in the rain.
  • Do not move Special Ed PreK program (several requests)
  • Lockers for Middle School
  • Community meeting space that parents and student groups could use.
    • Outside educators could use this space to hold classes, and neighbors could hold community meetings.
  • Cafeteria/Multipurpose Room upgrades
    • Retexture and repaint the Walls.
    • Replace the Flooring.
    • Improve the Stage, the Backstage, and the entire Cafeteria/Multipurpose Room for performances: 
      • Improve the stage lighting.
        • Lighting input from the SF Shakespeare Festival, one of Revere’s Community Partners:
          • Currently: Inadequate ability for theatrical lighting. This is especially important when lighting non-white students
          • Solutions:
            • The main need would be for better front lighting: A hanging bar, or even better a grid, from which we could hang Fresnels or source 4s (ellipsoidal lights).
              • Also need the necessary electrical hardware and controls to support the light bar/grid
            • Side lighting (especially for dance) or adjustable, mobile light trees would be secondary priorities
      • Improve the sound quality.
        • Sound input from the SF Shakespeare Festival, one of Revere’s Community Partners:
          • Currently: Multi-purpose cafeterias are notorious for having acoustic issues.
          • Solutions:
            • Sound baffling (absorbers) on the walls and hanging from the ceiling would reduce echoing effects and make voices sound richer.
            • Audio description systems could allow for audiences to have a live translator or audio descriptions for the visually impaired. (Think of the headsets at UN meetings.)
      • Change the stage configuration.
        • Stage configuration input from the SF Shakespeare Festival, one of Revere’s Community Partners:
          • Currently: The current proscenium stage is limited in versatility and allows for mediocre sightlines from audience perspective
          • Solutions:
            • Convertible Thrust staging: The stage could be extended out either via collapsible platforms or some other adjustable system
            • Staircase that could allow for entrances center stage.
            • Configurations would allow for more of the audience to have better seats and feel more engaged with the performance or speakers.
      • Expand the stage and backstage space for performers and supplies
        • Space input from the SF Shakespeare Festival, one of Revere’s Community Partners:
          • Currently: Students feel a bit crammed backstage and are visible from the audience.
          • Solutions:
            • A green room/dressing room area is desirable.
            • A more efficient curtain system to hide students from audience view and allow for cleaner backstage crossovers.
            • Having space for the storage of props, costumes, or even sets.

Exterior/play yards 


  • Have the Architects seen the Greening Plans that the PTA commissioned a landscape architecture firm to create a few years ago? [Yes, Revere Community School Coordinator Lorraine Orlandi forwarded the plans to PLUM in fall 2013.]
    • Which play yards will be greened?
    •  Will Prop A funds cover the greening? Or will Green Schoolyard/Education Outside funds be made available for greening?
  • Will we get new play structures?
    • How many and where? [Just the two in the Main Building’s lower yard?]
    • Will Prop A pay for the play structures? Or will the PTA need to fundraise/write grants?

  • Disappointment that there is no mention of the original Greening Plan the PTA sponsored, which gave a lot of thoughtful attention to outdoor space. (Several parents and teachers expressed this sentiment.)
    • As an example, please look at Fairmount's garden, which they did during their Prop A retrofitting a few years back.
  • Revere is a Community School, but where is the Community reflected in this outdoor plan?
    • The large yards have a ton of potential to be a hub for neighborhood activity, not just for students but for all the families in Bernal and beyond. It would be great for everyone in the neighborhood to want to go to this school.
  • Gardening space (several requests)
    • In-ground planting plots and raised beds are desired. 
    • Gardening teaches kids about science and nutrition.
  • More trees (several requests)
  • Permeable paving (several requests)
  • New play structures (several requests)
  • Mini-amphitheater (several requests)
    • An amphitheater would allow for outdoor meetings and serve as seating for outdoor movies to be projected on a nearby wall.
  • AstroTurf mini soccer field (several requests)
    • Add bleachers (or position soccer field near amphitheater) for people to watch games played on it. [Is a mini soccer field planned for one of the Annex Building’s Play Yards as well as the Main Building Upper Play Yard?]
  • Outdoor eating areas (especially for the Annex Building’s Upper Grades) with an outdoor recycling/composting station
  • A built-in BBQ grill
  • Outdoor bouldering and rock climbing wall
  • Outdoor classroom
    • Add a lovely courtyard/garden/outdoor classroom with a walkway through the middle leading to the stairs up to “the field house,” a beautiful mostly glass structure that can be opened up to enjoy our beautiful weather and would serve as a great place for PE and our big events (auction? Middle School dance? Bernal basketball tournament?).
As you can see, our families, teachers, and staff care about Revere’s future, and this renovation will help shape our school’s future. A true Community School that reflects the requests of Revere stakeholders would do so much for the health, happiness, and strength of our school community and our broader Bernal community.
Thank you for taking our Revere community’s requests into consideration, and please keep us updated as decisions are made.