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Student Mathematicians Shine at Math Night

posted Mar 11, 2014, 11:11 PM by Brian Lawler   [ updated Mar 17, 2014, 2:43 PM ]
On the evening of Thursday, March 6th, Paul Revere students gathered in the school auditorium for the 7th annual Math Night.  We have Paul Revere 4th grade teacher Ms. Tara Ramos and her former teacher, Dr. Judy Gilson to thank for this event.  Dr. Gilson is currently teaching at the Bay Area Teacher Training Institute which is an alliance of almost 30 independent schools and the University of the Pacific, Stockton.

Math Night is a part of the curriculum for BATTI students, who each put together a booth with a math-oriented activity for the Paul Revere students to work through.  According to Dr. Gilson, the BATTI students "bring their activity to class the week before to run it by some of their classmates and to get suggestions and feedback.  The primary purpose of Math Night is for them to make adaptations and accommodations on their feet -- they have a range of student ages, ability and language fluency to accommodate.  It is always eye opening for our students to see how they plan in advance what they will need to do and then end up having to rethink that almost immediately as the night begins.  Over the years, students have consistently said that Math Night and Science Night (which is held in the fall at Paul Revere) are two of the best parts of our program.  Our students love it!  It beats sitting in class, for sure!"

All of the student-teachers are currently assistants in local independent schools, and they are working on getting their California Teaching Credentials.  Most of them will go on to teach in public schools.

The energy in the room was great (although that may have been partially fueled by the bake sale the 8th graders were having to raise money for their trip to Washington DC), and the students really enjoyed the math games and puzzles.  And the cookies.