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Volunteer Opportunities for a Very Busy Month!!

posted Oct 20, 2015, 12:14 AM by Brian Lawler
In this week's PTA update, Jen and Jess lay out the many events we are having as October comes to a close.  But these events don't just happen, they need to be set up, taken down, and staffed all throughout.  If you have the time and inclination to help out at any of these events, please sign up!  It is a very rewarding thing to give a little of your time to help make an event for the kids run a little bit smoother.  And it's even more rewarding if that event happens to be raising funds for our PTA's ongoing effort to bring additional enrichment opportunities, supplies, and community building to the school.  Two areas where you can sign up online are:
  • Fiesta on the Hill this Sunday, October 25th.  Paul Revere has a booth on Cortland with a bake sale and some materials to help people get to know our school a little better.  Sign up here if you can help man the booth!
  • Fall Book Fair is next week, October 26th - October 30th from 1:20pm to 5:50pm.  Scholastic brings the book, but we have to bring the volunteer staff to man the popup book store in our Community Room.  Sign up here if you can help!