Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission at Paul Revere School is to achieve academic excellence while celebrating diversity and building a strong family - school - community connection. We provide a distinctive and high-quality education with our dedicated staff, small class sizes, commitment to bilingualism and a safe, nurturing learning environment, so that students may lead full and productive lives.

Our overall objective is to guide the development of a well-rounded human being who has the ability, skills and attitude to become a contributing asset to self, family, community and society.

We strive to have our students cherish and preserve their ethnic and cultural identity, serve and determine the future of our community and have a passion for peace, justice and the dignity of all people.

Five Goals for the 2015-16 School Year

As part of the District's "Balanced Score Card" process, the School Site Council has formulated a set of 5 goals for the school to achieve in the 2015-16 school year.  The school's annual budget planning process is focused on achieving these goals:

  • Common Core and student achievement for Immersion and General Ed. Subject integration and tech initiative; integrating, upgrading technology.
  • English Language Learners/English Language development, under new Common Core, developing critical thinking, problem solving, academic talk, oral expression: reading, writing and speaking (more investment for books and technology). Focus on reclassification.
  • Social emotional well-being. Focus on student needs in the classroom, behavior support, academic support, positive behavior systems, mental health, social-emotional learning curriculum. How to fund restorative practices facilitator for next year.  Academic RTI is looking at students who are at or above grade level, give them extra support. Leveled Learning Intervention. Developing the behavior matrix.
  • Parents as Partners ensuring parents and community voice in support of social and academic achievement. Part of the accountability piece. Include a new position for coordinating family engagement. The district might fund a full-time family liaison next year. One suggestion to hire two half-time liaisons and have one do the daytime and the other works second half of the day.  Developing sustainable ELAC, PTA, AAPAG, etc.
  • Extended Day Staff partnering with school day staff, extend social and emotional learning and restorative practices, more professional development for after-school staff connected to the school day. Adding clubs and tutoring, homework clubs. Need to modify relationship with Parks and Rec so that its programs are more integrated.


Colors are white shirt with collar (or blouse with collar) and black pants, skirt or jumper. Plain black or green sweaters or black sweatshirts without hoods are requested.

Research shows that a uniform helps to:
  • Encourage the understanding that school is a special place and one dresses specially for that place.
  • Discourage competition among children based on brands or latest fashions.
  • Keep school clothing affordable for families.


Homework is regularly assigned by classroom teachers to supplement class instruction, provide additional practice or extend learning of a particular skill or concept. Homework is usually given Monday-Friday.

The objective of homework is to teach students to be independent learners, give them experience on how to follow directions, make judgments and comparisons, raise additional questions for study and develop regular study habits, responsibility and self-discipline.

Homework provides:
  • A time for your child to share his/her progress with you.
  • Extra practice for your child to master skills learned at school.
  • A chance for your child to develop responsibility and good work habits.