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SSC - School Site Council

Next regular meeting: 2016.10.19
About the SSC:

The School Site Council represents Revere's community in the school governance process and helps ensure that students' educational needs are met. It is composed of administration, faculty, parents, and sometimes community partners, and members are elected to 2-year terms. The SSC makes decisions regarding Budget, School Site Plan, Balanced Scorecard, and other programs in collaboration with ELAC and other parent leadership organizations. Elections are held at the beginning of each school year, and meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:15 p.m. in the Community Room.

 x = present
o = excused absence
 Elected9/21 10/1911/16 1/18 2/15    3/15 4/19 5/17
Rebecca Padilla
 x x      
 Asst. Principal   April Scott
 x x      
 Teacher David Rusitano2016

 Teacher Joshua Zapala2016


 Teacher Anna Maldonado2016        
 Other School StaffStarlette Jones 2016 x x 
 Parent/Community Karen McCoy 2014 x x 

 Parent/Community Jennifer Machin 2014 

 Parent/Community Brian Lawler (Secretary) 2014 x

 Parent/Community Melissa Stout 2015 

 Parent/Community Anissa Howard 2014 x


New Members          
 Parent/Community Glamis Rory 2016        
 Parent/Community Rich Abrahamsen 2016 x       
 Parent/Community Maria Ramos 2016        
 Parent/Community    Ashley Cottros 2016        
 Parent/Community Roberto Garcia 2016        

SSC Bylaws