Meeting Location:

Pre-meeting Agenda:

  • Planning for SSC Summit on Saturday
  • Greening Committee


Planning Summit:
Planning to attend:
  • Rose
  • Karen
  • Brian
  • Stacy
Formation of Greening Committee
  • Greening will happen after construction finishes (in August)
  • We have $100k
  • There have been meetings and brainstorming already for greening
  • Play structures are not part of Greening, they are part of the construction budget.
  • We have 4 outdoor areas total to cover, but most are already programmed.
  • Soccer field on lower Annex yard, with the help on Bay Area SCORES.
  • Volunteers from the meeting:
    • Karen
    • Brian
Construction Update
Another move is happening on 2/18.  All 1st grades, 1 2nd, 1 3rd grade class.  Office is moving on 3/3.  Main entrance is going to be on the side of the building.  This will be the last move.  Drop-off and pickup will remain the same.

Theory of Action
Talked through reading plan.  Brian offered up his data visualization of the reading scores, and we had some discussions about trends and how to interpret the data.

Then went into a review of the Theory of Action to figure out what costs money.  But we are not yet talking about actual dollar amounts and we don't yet know what the budget is.

One of the big challenges is "norming," or getting teachers all on the page in how to teach the core curriculum and how to assess the students in, for example, writing.

School Start Time
We also spent some time talking about the school start time and the nearly unanimous desire around the table to make it later.  We also discusses a grace period to get kids into classrooms quickly if they are only a couple of minutes late.  Stacy mentioned the desire that the school board has to make a universal start time (8:30!) in order to be able to support "After-school For All" which would standardize after school programs across all school sites.

Action Items:

  • Let's talk start time/grace period