Meeting Location: Faculty Lounge

Pre-meeting Agenda:


March 1 District school summit: Revere will request that our session focus on how the budget works and the specific funding streams in which SSC has a role in determining the use of resources, such as Title I.

Stacy presented quick overview of school district goals Student Achievement, Access and Equity, Accountability -- and some changes under Core Waiver:
No CST this year, instead we are field testing Smarter Balanced Assessment. This doesn’t mean no accountability, but a different kind of accountability.
One change is that the cutoff number to determine “subgroup” will be smaller at core waiver schools, so our number of African American students becomes “significant” in statistical terms and for data purposes.
Core waiver also seeks to make school performance targets for the next year to be more school specific.
Data and assessment also includes non-instructional indicators like attendance and suspension rates.

Stacy presented overview of current Balanced Score Card
Looking at Data on student achievement

CST is part of current balanced score card but we won’t have anything to compare with it next year, so Fountas & Pinnell (reading assessments) and common learning assessments become more important as points of comparison year to year.

First part of the balanced score card is the data section

We had gains for African American students in test scores. But there’s still more work to be done. So for the coming year this should remain an area of focus.

In terms of data from parent survey by district: Paul Revere families had variable results in terms of access and equity, especially on the question of the school being a safe place to learn early morning to late night.

Suspensions at Revere dropped from 89 to 11.
As of December, district-wide 600 suspensions, half of them African American students, who represent only 14 percent of district population. 
At Revere all suspensions last year were Latino and African American students.
3 suspensions so far this year, all middle school, all African American and Latino students.  District has responded to disproportionality of suspensions.

Revere attendance increased last year.

Students with disabilities: Looking at services beyond fifth grade. Same with Immersion. We say Revere is immersion K-8. Need to keep that promise.

New Balanced Score card aims to grow Special Education through 8th grade, as well.

We need to continue to target English Learners, as we saw a big tumble from second to third grade mainly for English Language learners last school year.

Action steps for 2013-14 (under balanced score card):
  • One action step will include implementation of Behavior RTI, this is under way.
  • Reducing disproportionate suspension rates for African American and Latino students remains a goal.
  • Boosting attendance remains a goal.
Stacy presented overview of priorities for coming year: Based on the work that was already being done, already in BSC, conversations with the community since the beginning of the year. A way of organizing the work that’s already being done.

  1. Common Core and student achievement for Immersion and General Ed. Subject integration and tech initiative; integrating, upgrading technology.
  2. English Language Learners/English Language development, under new Common Core, developing critical thinking, problem solving, academic talk, oral expression: reading, writing and speaking (more investment for books and technology). Focus on reclassification.
  3. Social emotional well-being. Focus on student needs in the classroom, behavior support, academic support, positive behavior systems, mental health, social-emotional learning curriculum. How to fund restorative practices facilitator for next year.  Academic RTI is looking at students who are at or above grade level, give them extra support. Leveled Learning Intervention. Developing the behavior matrix.
  4. Parents as Partners ensuring parents and community voice in support of social and academic achievement. Part of the accountability piece. Include a new position for coordinating family engagement. The district might fund a full-time family liaison next year. One suggestion to hire two half-time liaisons and have one do the daytime and the other works second half of the day.  Developing sustainable ELAC, PTA, AAPAG, etc.
  5. Extended Day Staff partnering with school day staff, extend social and emotional learning and restorative practices, more professional development for after-school staff connected to the school day. Adding clubs and tutoring, homework clubs. Need to modify relationship with Parks and Rec so that its programs are more integrated.

Need to have parity for final Balanced Score Card approval: five community members and five staff members.

Update on Prop A

Neighbors are receiving updates, emails, etc. A dozen emails received, many about the yards,cafeteria and stage upgrades. Special education and pre-K classroom move. Waiting for responses from architects on next step. 
It is code compliant with to have K-1-2 on the second floor, sprinklers and no one above them.
Still addressing Room 15 (special ed pre-K) concerns about moving to Main.

Action Items: