2014.02.12 Special Meeting

Meeting Location:

Pre-meeting Agenda:
  • Wendy Michelson
  • Allison Leshefsky
  • Lorraine Orlandi
  • Crystal Strickland
  • Anissa Howard
  • Maria Hanley
  • Erika Ehmsen
  • Sarah Pooner
  • Minke Binnerts
  • Stacy-Ann Afflick
  • Rebecca Padilla
  • Teneh Weller
  • Meredith Eldred

Turf Update: Lorraine will hold a meeting with Colin Schmidt of SCORES next Thursday, Feb. 20 at 12:45 about the possibility of installing a turf field at Revere, people are welcome to join if they are available.

Local Control Funding Formula: 
  • Stacy shared information from the district regarding the new local control funding formula.
  • Stacy has asked DeeDee Desmond to provide detailed information about the new budgeting process during the March 1st 2014 School Planning Retreat.
CELDT = CA English Language Development Test
  • Our Students move through the CELDT bands every year.
  • We want to re-designate Students as they show proficiency.
  • We will continue to provide support to Students with English Language Development support even after they re-designate.
  • Beginner
  • Early Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Early Advanced
  • Advanced
For our ELL Ss there are three tracks:
  • English only
  • Bilingual Maintenance
  • Dual Immersion
ELL Students in Dual Immersion programs:
Rebecca shared findings from a Stanford study showing better student achievement of EL students in dual immersion compared to students in English or bilingual tracks
Dual immersion students “Catch up” w/ their ELL peers in the other tracks by 5th grade and continue to surpass their peers when they continue in Immersion in middle school

Comments/ Questions/ Suggestions:
It helps to see data trends across grade levels/ cohorts all at once vs. one grade level at a time – Minke will enter data into excel and will share summary graphs
From a T’s perspective, perhaps our Ss could perform higher on the CELDT when as a whole school we encourage getting enough sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, exercising to increase blood flow to the brain, etc. - Allison
How are you measuring progress? – Minke
F & P along the way
Common Learning Assessment

Action Items: