Meeting Location: 
Community Room (115A)

Pre-meeting Agenda:

Debrief School Planning Summit

High level overview 2014-15 budget

Working session to map community feedback & school initiatives to 5 school goals, assign priorities, determine funding needs and set specific targets (SMART goals) for 2014-15

6:15-6:25 pm
Arts overview at Paul Revere

6:25-6:30 pm
Meeting wrap up and review next steps

Minke presented a spreadsheet that captures the feedback about the priorities for the 2014-15 school year as presented by Stacy, that was gathered during the AA heritage night and partent teacher conferences in the form of a heat map, as well as the feedback gathered during the community meeting held on February 26. Because the heat map identified academic excellence as the highest priority for parents, the SSC meeting focused on reviewing feedback around this goal first.

The group spent the remainder of the meeting defining the funding needs and the priority level of each sub-goal/ initiative that was identified to achieve the academic excellence goal. The results of this conversation are captured within the spreadsheet. 

Summary of issues identified/discussed:

Professional development has been identified as a priority, but what is missing is the time to digest and implement the ideas presented in the PD’s. Time for this should be budgeted as part of the PD time and can be paired with time for spiral planning. 

We discussed the need for expanding the support for RTI in math. 

A question arose about how to support gate students through pull- out groups. The difficulty here is how to address the needs of students who are at or below grade level, while addressing needs of students who are beyond grade level at the same time. Part of this work must be held within the classroom- this means that some shuffling is necessary in terms of how student needs are addressed in the classroom and which students are being pulled out. 

Addressing classroom management and differentiation of instruction for students with different needs will require coaching and professional development.

Setting up Universal screening for Academic RTI to determine need for push in/ pull out was identified: this is already being done and does not need additional funding

Supporting teachers and students in the use of technology for the smarter balanced assessments and the training involved with this project was identified as a priority

It was discussed whether teachers need more support for the art curriculum they are using in their classrooms. Arts encourage creative thinking, promotes literacy and mathematical thinking.  We are thinking about how to have our current art teacher at the site for one more day a week- particularly so that she can work with the middle school students.  We also have instrumental music classes beginning soon. Our hope is to encourage VAPA to support our arts program with a position. Our goal is not to recruit any and all artist groups, but to make sure that the work of the organization aligns with our goals. It was also acknowledged that the experience & capacity of the individual artist teacher who works with the classrooms is very important. Art teachers need to be able to work with students independently, so that the class room teachers can use the class time dedicated to art lessons to focus on other activities. 

Paul Revere has been getting/ will get extra support from the district to improve student performance. This support will be temporary and will go away once achievement has been stabilized under the current funding model.

Next steps/ closing remarks:

As a next step in the prioritization/ goal setting process, Stacy will be presenting the input received from the community to the staff and will be garnering their input as well, using the tracker.

On the 19th the administrative team will meet with the district budget analyst to look at the actual numbers

The assistant superintendent has noted the progress that Paul Revere has made towards defining the budget, which is ahead of many other schools

At the next SSC meeting on April 9, Stacey will present a first draft of the budget populated with actual numbers. We will also use this meeting to continue the process of prioritizing community input using the excel tracker.

Action Items: