Meeting Location: Community Room 

Pre-meeting Agenda:

New and continuing member introductions


5:15 - 5:25 pm

SSC officers election – Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and others as deemed necessary by all members


5:25 – 5:40 PM

Short PowerPoint on what the SSC does

Stacy Afflick

5:40 - 5:50 pm 

Quality Teacher Education Act award spending proposal

Lorraine Orlandi

5:50 – 6:05 pm

Calendaring for 2015 – balance scorecard community meeting, SSC summit, etc.


6:05- 6:20 pm

Renovation updates – How to get updates out to community

Erika Ehmsen / All

6:20- 6:30 pm

Open business


If needed 

6:30 pm - close

Ani Mockler, Kelly Rogers, Lorraine Orlandi, Brian Lawler, Karen McCoy, Rose Lockwood-Holden, Stacy-ann Afflick, Erika Ehmsen, Andy Hansen, Crystal Strickland, Anissa Howard


  1. The meeting was called to order by Ani at 5:18pm.

SSC Officers Election
After going around the table with introductions, we moved on to official electing SSC officers.  The outcome was:
  • Chairperson: Ani Mockler
  • Vice Chairperson: Erika Ehmsen
  • Secretary: Brian Lawler
Powerpoint presentation from Ms. Afflick
Included below as an attachment to this page.  Worth pointing here in the text of the minutes are the district goals with which we should be aligned:
  1. Access and Equity - making social justice a reality
  2. Student achievement - Engage high achieving and joyful learners
  3. Accountabilty - keep our promises to students and families.
Also, the answers to the FAQ's page:
  1. Can a parent who is a parent serve on the SSC?  Yes, but the person only counts as a parent or employee, not both.
  2. Who are "other school staff" (with respect to SSC composition)?  Other school employees are aren't teaching in the classroom.
  3. Can seats on the SSC be reserved for members representing other school committees? NO.  Members must be elected to the council.
  4. Who coordinates the election for the SSC? The UBC for staff, Principles or designee for parents.
Other points from the presentation:
  • Meetings agendas are to be posted 72 hours in advance of the meeting.
  • Emergency meetings may be called by the Chair or the Principal 24 hours in advance.
  • Decision making requires a quorum of 6 (or our 10) people.
  • One of the enumerated responsibilities of the SSC is to establish and regularly review Parent Inolvement Policy and Home-School Compact which, according to Stacy, is one of the responsibilities most frequently overlooked by most SSC's.
  • The main work of the SSC is to develop the Balanced Scorecard and Single Plan for Student Achievenment.  I have added the 2014-16 Balanced Score Card template (provided by the SFUSD) to this web page.
  • SSC Balanced Scorecard planning takes into account lots of different data sources:
    • Academic and language needs
    • Services we already provide
    • Standardized testing (CSTCELDT) although these tests will be changing.
    • Graduation rates
    • Assessments of progress such as the CLA.  Attached to this page is a handout about the CLA for families, although some of this is also changing now thanks to the SBAC.
  • School budget planning - the "Big One"
    • Preliminary allocations happen in the spring.  Revisions occur in the fall once the student population is known.
    • Getting lunch application forms in has an impact on how the school is funded.
    • Budgets may also be altered over the year from budget cuts.
    • Align categorical funding.
We then got an education on how various school programs are funded, and how and where certain funds may be spent.  Some key points:
  • General fund is how we pay most of the bills.
  • Categorical funds may only be spent on one category.
    • Categorical funds Supplement, not Supplant
    • Paul Revere gets 2 types of categorical funding: Title I and EIA.  We cannot use these funds to supplant a program, only to supplement.
For more information, visit the SFUSD School Site Councils web site.

Calendar Review of Key SSC Milestones
  • data conferences now complete
  • Jan. 30, "planning to plan" for all of the meetings coming up.
  • Feb. 3 is orientation for the school planning process
  • Feb. 4 is the budget refresher.
  • Feb. 23 we get the preliminary budget, before then we can be assessing priorities.
    • QEIA is going away, which will most likely have a big impact on our budget.  But we should have some rollover.
    • District is also looking at MTSS programs to augment services (e.g. literacy coach, RTI staff).
  • Feb. 23 - Mar. 26 develop plan.
  • Mar. 7 - School planning retreat.
  • Mar. 9 - Mar. 26 Community meetings.
    • Last year we used the Parent/Teacher conferences and the heritage event to give parents a chance to weigh in.  Should consider again this year.
  • Mar. 27 Budget is due to the District.
  • Mar. 30 - Apr. 24 - District budget review. Does budget align to school and district goals?
More on funding:

Weighted Student Formula is the process used to determine resources for each school based on enrollment and on the attributes of individual students at the school.

Where do we stand with the Parent Liaison position?  Budgeting happens but staffing can take a long time.  Some funds roll over, some funds do not, which is something we need to take into account.
The new Parent Liaison (Vivian de la Cruz) started the day of the meeting!  Her office is in the Community Room.  She is currently part time.  We are not currently looking at a second Parent Liaison pending some other staffing conflicts.

Q: Process questions around when we submit budget and who presents what to whom.
Last year's budget is in the SSC binder.  There is not an electronic copy available, yet.  

There was also some discussion of how general and categorical funding are used to pay teachers.  TIG, SLIBG, are also used to augment the teacher budget.  Last year's process also included lots of help from the District on what money can be spent on what resources.

Q: How does the money flow?

Budget setup form allocates buckets of money for certain categories.
Big bucket is general fund, but funds can also come out of various grants or other categorical funds (such as the aforementioned TIG and SLIBG funds).  If someone needs to buy pens, we need to determine how we are going to pay for it - is it OK to spend from SLIBG or is that not allowed?  We don't actually have the money in our hands.  We either go through approved vendors with a Purchase Order (encouraged) or get reimbursements (which takes forever and is tedious).

Q: What happens to the Target Team/United Way money?

It comes to the school and gets deposited into a "trust fund."  We pay for stuff like staff t-shirts, staff gift, etc. with that money - it's basically a petty cash account.

Quality Teacher Education Act
Spending proposal.  Awarded $30k last year from this act, of which we'll spend $21k on Edgewood in place of hiring another Parent Liaison for the time being.  We have $9k to continue to spend from this grant.

Renovation Update
  • The plans are in the approval process
  • We'll have one more community meeting once we have more to show about what the plans are.
By-law Change:
The by-laws currently stipulate that the SSC meetings are to be held on the 1st Wednesday of every month, but there are conflicts with other leadership meetings that day so we voted to move the meetings to second Wednesday.
Action Items:
  1. Stacy to forward slides about the purpose of the SSC to Brian for inclusion on this site.  DONE
  2. For the next meeting - Stacy to bring the existing Home-School Compact for the group to review.

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