Meeting Location:

Pre-meeting Agenda:
  • Balanced Scorecard update - Stacy
  • Arts Committee Proposal - Lorraine

Attendees: Lorraine Orlandi, Karen McCoy, Brian Lawler, Ani Mockler, Jennifer Machin, Erika Ehmsen, Rose Lockwood-Holden, Kelly Rogers, Rebecca Padilla, Andy Hansen, Stacy Afflick 


Balanced Scorecard

$18k came in at the last minute, which allowed us to delay the submission of the budget.  This money came from a request from Ms. A. to the district to support our goal of increasing enrollment.

We reviewed what the district will fund for us, which is all captured on this handout, which was distributed to the group:

Hard to Staff Designation is a stipend that schools which are historically hard to staff and have high turnover.

Family Liaison and Elementary Advisor funding for the 2015-16 school year should not expect to get the funding in the 2016-17 school year.  We don't yet know the impact on those positions.

The district is providing half the funding for a middle school counsellor, and the other half has to come out of our site budget.

All classrooms are funded, and the Special Ed funding levels stay the same.

As for what the school is funding, Ms. A went to the white board:

School is funding:
1 Principal (Ms. Padilla)
2 Secretaries
Certificated Teachers (92k earmarked for all teachers)
1 Community School Coordinator (.5 from site budget Title I, .5 from QEIA rollover)

LCFF, Title I, and SCG discussion.  These are the most restricted funds and may only be allocated to certain things.

Concentration Allocation will be used to fund tutoring and field trips.

3.45 RTI personnel are funded. 1 from the district, 2.45 from school budget.  

Operating the school (supplies, postage, paper, etc) costs about $20k per year.  Can't use Title I funds for all supplies - that's supplanting, Title I is meant to supplement.

We have lots of technology, but no computer teacher.  We'll pay for a teacher from the Principal's Innovation Fund.  

Decision: we have a budget shortfall, and we need to either fund 2 spanish-speaking paraprofessionals or 1 para and 1 spanish RTI person.

The Situation:
Funding 2 paraprofessionals currently, but we could just fund 1 of the paras and use the rest to fund the full time RTI person.  RTI person is credentialed, paras are not.  

ELAC proposes that we go with the full time RTI person.

Arts Committee

Lorraine is developing a committee for overseeing the arts at Paul Revere.  We have gotten a grant to support this and are interested in creating some continuity and sustainability in the arts curriculum at Paul Revere.

SSC voted to form the committee, and Lorraine will take the lead on getting the committee together.
Action Items:

VOTE: Covering the budget shortfall.

The SSC voted to fund 1 RTI Spanish RTI teacher and .45 paraprofessional.  1 paraprofessional position will be consolidated.

VOTE: The budget.

The SSC approved the budget as proposed by Ms. A, with the stipulation that the above vote would be reflected in the document before it was submitted.

VOTE: Formation of Arts Committee