Meeting Location:

Pre-meeting Agenda:
  • Membership check
  • Construction updates & greening plan
  • Family Compact
  • Data review from family survey
Attendees: Kelly Rogers, Jennifer Machin, Karen McCoy, Brian Lawler, Lorraine Orlandi, Rebecca Padilla, Andy Hansen


Membership Check

From the SFUSD SSC page, SSC membership at the elementary level must look like this:

In attendance at the first meeting of the year we had:
  • Principal (Stacy Afflick)
  • Classroom teachers (Andy Hansen, Kelly Rogers)
  • Other School Staff (Lorraine Orlandi)
  • Parents/Community Members (Brian Lawler, Jennifer Machin, Karen McCoy)
Lorraine's term is expiring this year, so we'll need a Staff representative.  Ani Mockler and Erika Ehmsen are no longer with the school (although Erika will be continuing in her role as chairperson of the renovation committee).  Need to replace Ani and Erika.  Elections to be completed by 10/14.  We will fill those vacant seats and any further vote getters will become alternates.

Meetings are now on second Wednesdays due to a conflict with Ms. Afflick and Ms. Padilla's schedules, but the group has no problem with keeping the meetings at this new time.

Nominations need to go out next week. Lorraine has the nominating form.  Mr. Hansen suggested that at the GLC meetings the teachers can receive the nominating forms for SSC, and then talk up the SSC at back-to-school night.  Forms need to go home in the 9/16 packet, expect them back by 9/23, with ballots to follow on 9/30, due by 10/7, with new members coming on by the 10/14 meeting.

Staff Members of SSC:
  • Ms. Afflick
  • Ms. Lockwood
  • Ms. Rogers
  • Mr. Hansen - cycling out
  • Ms. Orlandi - cycling out
  • Ms. Paulsen - cycling out
So we need some new faculty representation on the SSC.  Also need to have one "classified staff" on the ballot.

Review Construction Updates & Greening Plan

"Construction is all around."  Mony is the site manager for the construction company.  Hiccups have happened:
  • Phones were cut.  They're fixed but there's no battery backup.
  • Main building sheer wall (west side of the school) construction is underway.  Impact is on delivery of food.
Snack room is ready and currently in use and the fridge has been moved back in from the community room.

Asking for:
  • ground cover for the dirt
  • skirting on the trailers (to prevent trash getting under there)
Question from Karen McCoy: who is making sure that the money is being spent properly and the work is begin done correctly.  There are already a couple of areas that seem a bit shoddy, including the cafeteria floor.

Andrea Dawson, works for the District, and Mony are the people who should be looking after this stuff.  Ms. Afflick asks that everyone in the community bring up these things so that we can keep them honest.

Is there a school representative on the oversight committee?  Ms. Afflick proposes that someone on the SSC participate.  Perhaps Peter Wall could help?

The next moving date is in the main building, 4th and 5th to the portables.  Ms. Afflick proposes that instead 4th and 5th move to the newly completed classrooms in the main building.

The question is, do we move 10/16 or 10/23 (which is Latino Heritage weekend).  The only disadvantage for 10/16 is that it's sooner, but that is the date that we have settled on.

One last construction issue: 217A and 117A are going to lose 3 feet to a temporary wall.  That is not final, but at the time of this meeting that was the ask.  Additionally the main office will be moving into the new community room while that part of the building under construction.

When construction is done (scheduled for August 2016) the greening of the yards begin.  There will be community meetings along the way to plan this, the first of which will be at the October Principals Chat (on 10/2).  "Bring the wild idea."  10/20 will be the first staff meeting.

Trying to get turf in lower Annex yard.  Upper main has to remain blacktop.  Upper Annex will get a climbing structure for 3rd-5th.  And down by the library we are looking to have an outdoor library space.


Looking for people interested in participating on the sub-committee.  Do we have an old one?

Next Meeting: 10/14th 4:30pm 115A

Preview: DATA!  (Academic data, growth data, behavioral data, survey data)
Action Items: