Meeting Location:

Pre-meeting Agenda:
  1. Finalize election process
  2. Instructional goals
  3. Updates on budget
  4. Parent compact
Attendees: Rebecca Padilla, Rose Lockwood, Kelly Rogers, Lorraine Orlandi, Karen McCoy, Brian Lawler, Julio Umanzor, Andy Hansen, Anissa Howard


Connector: What gives you joy? What gives you energy? Which or our norms are you focusing on today?

We went around the room to introduce ourselves and talk about these things.

SSC Elections

What is the composition of the SSC supposed to be?

From the SFUSD SSC page, SSC membership at the elementary level must look like this:

We then went through all of the members that we know we have and reflected that information on the table on this page.

Elect a Chairperson

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • draft the agenda with the help of the administration
  • post the agenda 1-2 days before the meeting 
Mercifully, Rose Lockwood volunteered! We have a new chairperson.

Instructional Focus

Rebecca then went on to present an introduction to the school-wide instructional goal, slides below.

  • Deep focus this year on citing evidence - a critical aspect of becoming critical thinkers.
  • To get an idea of where we are, we looked at the above CELDT scores, which is a test that English Language Learners take to assess their ability to read, write, speak and comprehend English.
  • This is not about behavior, only instructional.
  • Teachers will be choosing "focal students" to closely assess where they are.
  • The data in the slide above focuses on English Learners (who don't speak English at home).
  • Defining the vision of Revere as ONE SCHOOL.
  • This work is being driven from the parent groups.
  • Laura Kirk is the main contact person for the One School Initiative.
  • Are there other options than Edgewood?  A: We have worked with them before and have a rapport.  Some other schools work with Seneca, but Revere hasn't worked with them before.
  • Does SSC get to recommend where the money goes?  A: in some cases, depending on the type of money (which fund it comes from, etc.)  Edgewood will cost about $50k, we'll have to figure out what we do with the rest?
Family Compact
  • reviewed the draft.
  • When will this be rolled out? A: need to be ready for possibly next semester.
  • Discussed some details of the specific sections of the compact.
Action Items:
  • For next time, work out the SSC membership situation.
  • Look at some school-wide data (not just CELDT).
  • Talk about what to do with the rest of the new budget money.