Meeting Location:

Pre-meeting Agenda:
  • Figure out if we are still Immediate Intervention/Under-performing Schools Program and if we are, agree on the election process to get another parent in.
  • Work out the SSC Membership question once and for all.
  • School-wide data to assess instructional goals.
  • Family compact.


Ice breaker (what are you looking forward to about the holiday?)

Review of norms.

Reviewed the membership parity situation.  

Should we include something in the by-laws about having representation of all parent groups on the SSC?  We are still an underperforming school, so we need to have 6 parents on the SSC.  Anissa Howard will be that sixth parent, and Kait will be the alternate.  In addition, Andy will continue on as the faculty alternate.  Revisit later in the year what the terming out situation looks like in anticipation of the following fall's elections.

Update on the 4th Grade situation.
  • We have had a visit from a District "behaviorist".  She's observed twice, and come back to help out twice.  She is committed to being here.
  • Academically, Ms. Petey, Ms. Lockwood, and Ms. Afflick are pulling out small groups to shore up the academics.  Ms. Malin and Ms. Wong are also helping out in case Ms. Afflick cannot.
  • The classes all moved to the new classrooms.
  • Working with Edgewood on classroom support person.  He'll start in January.
Budget implications
  • Andy (Edgewood) will cost $35k for the rest of the year.  He'll also step in to help out on some other classes that need support.
  • The other $35k (from our $70k surplus) will be used to support areas where we have other needs.
SRI Data Review

F&P is the review for the little kids (up to and including 2nd grade).  We reviewed the SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) data.  SRI is on the computer, and adapts to how the kids are doing on the test.  This is the first time the school is taking the tests.  SRI is quite different from F&P.  The assessments happened on the 3rd week of school, and it will be given 3 times a year.

First, we looked at 4th grade.  All students have only taken it once and will be taking it again before the end of the year.

Next up, 3rd grade.  We looked at immersion classes vs. non-immersion.  The SRI is given in English, not Spanish.
What we want to be doing is looking for trends with immersion vs. non-immersion, for example.

Ms. K. is doing some exercises in K-2 getting the kids some basic computer skills, in anticipation of being able to do these computer-based tests.  It would be good to be able to get parents educated on how to support the kids in doing this.

The Good News: 6th and 7th grades bounce back to being in the middle of the pack on assessments.  Why is that?  What happens in 3-5?  More assessments will hopefully bear this out.


Need to share it with the other parent groups. The teachers haven't seen it yet either, as this was to first be an SSC project.

We want to focus on regular communication with families, not just in times of crisis.

How are we going to re-enforce the compact in the day to day lives of everyone involved?  Heritage nights? Opening bbq?  Have a read-along to enforce the compact?

The current compact doesn't speak to middle school, but it should.  

Link the compact to work in the implicit bias work being done with staff.
Action Items:
  • Budget update - is the Edgewood/Andy plan moving forward?
  • Review the next set of SRI Assessments when they are available.
  • Are there any programs or resources that parents can have access to in order to help prepare the kids for the assessments?
  • Get electronic copies of the reports for storing here on the site.
  • Share the compact with the teachers and the other parent groups.