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Pre-meeting Agenda:

Attendees: Rebecca Padilla, Rose Lockwood, Jennifer Machin, Brian Lawler, Melissa Stout

Update on the "parity situation."  There was some question up to this point whether we needed to have 5 or 6 parents on the SSC, and the resolution to that question is that we only need to have 5.  We also had a parent drop out of the SSC (Julio) so in the end, we are still at parity.

Connector.  What makes you laugh?
Meeting Norms.

Behavior Support Update:
4th grade is being split up into smaller groups, one of which is a Book Club being led my Ms. A.  Andy, from Edgewood, is officially starting in January.  He is a therapist, a teacher, and a behavior support specialist.

NCLB (No Child Left Behind) has now been replaced by the SQI (School Quality Improvement) index.  Where NCLB was more punitive, it provided little support and punished schools that didn't perform.  SQI assesses schools differently.  See the slide below for a summation of how performance is measured under SQI.

Under SQI, we focus more on improvement than on whether students are back up to grade level.  Social/emotional skills are also being stressed, including getting to the root cause of behavioral issues.

ILT (Instructional Leadership Team) led by Stacy.  Goals are listed in the slide below.

BRTI Team led by Rebecca
Community School Team led by Lorraine

Some of this stuff is assessed by focusing on a small group focal students.  By looking closely at a small group of students, we can assess whether all the students are getting the adequate resources to hit the goals.

Next, we looked at IAB test results.  There were many problems with administering this test, both on the part of the teachers and students - some of whom couldn't even log in.  Also, as a computer based test, some kids were at a disadvantage in not having the computer skills to take the test.

Before looking at the data, we talked about our assumptions.  These included:
  • scores will be low, due to the newness of the test.
  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade scores will be lower than K, 1, 2.
  • scores for minority groups will be lower due to the achievement gap issues in the school and the district.
  • immersion scores will be higher than English-only track.
The next slide shows the aggregate data.

Action Items:
  • Updates from Edgewood/Andy?