Meeting Location:

Pre-meeting Agenda:
Time Topic Process 

5 mins Connector What was you New Years resolution? If you don’t make resolutions, what is something you’re hoping to make a change in? 

2 mins Norms Which norm will you hold at the forefront for our work today? 

2 mins Review agenda Questions? Anything missing? 

5 mins Updates Logistical updates
 Construction update
 Next phase of moves
 Saturday Summit: coming up Feb. 20th, need volunteers from SSC 

10 mins Assessments Updates around reading data: SRI 

20 mins Balanced Scorecard and Theory of Action 

Present SRI data for 3-8th grade 

Theory of Action: Guiding Questions

 What is the connection between theory of action and the new balanced scorecard?
 How do we make a connection between the theory of action and budgeting practices? 
 What looks good?
 What is missing? 

5 mins Reflections/Feedback Thank you!
Attendees: (see SSC front page)

Connector - New Year's Resolutions!


Logistical updates

Construction updates, looking to get our updates every 2 weeks.  Confirmed that the Annex will be transitioning in February.  All rooms before the elevator shafts will be moved.  All 1st grade, Mr. Domeneche, and Mr. Zavala will be moving to their final destinations.  One issue is the traffic flow - the front of the Annex building will be closed so we can't get to the classrooms the way we do now.  The administration is still working through the plans for how to deal with this.

SRI Data.  Scholastic Reading Inventory - reading test for 3rd-8th graders to assess growth.  Looking for trends and patterns.  We spent some time talking about the scores and about the different tests that are going on in the school.  SRI is a computerized test where a student needs to pick a word to fill in the blank.  The test adapts to how the student is doing.  We spent 20 minutes talking about the details of the various tests, and then transitioned into what we are supposed to do with these tests.

Theory of Action.  "If our goal is X and we then do Y, are we getting closer."  We want our goals to be concise and "monitor-able".
Here is the page that contains this year's Theory of Action.

Action Items:
  1. Are we still getting the bi-weekly construction updates?
  2. Saturday Summit on 2/20.  What's the deal?  Who's going?
  3. Is there some way that we can do visualization of these test results?