Content Sources

We have gone over technical details of where the web site is hosted, how it will be organized, and how content will be translated, but there is one burning question that I am sure everyone would like to know the answer to: where will all of this content come from?  I was initially concerned about this question, since the front page of the web site I inherited had not really been updated significantly updated in many months.  We want the front page to always be "fresh," so that new visitors will always see that there is something going on at the school.  And what I have learned in my first 4 months at Revere is that there is always something going on.  In fact, there are always several things going on.  The problem is not in finding the stories.  The problem is in writing them down and taking pictures.  Even if there is not something going on with the students, there is something join going on at the district level, whether it be Prop A funding, or the new outdoor classroom project being constructed over on Elsie St., or following what is going on with the yearly budgeting process (which believe or not is actually quite fascinating).

The challenge is to get the stories into the hands of the right people, so that they can be edited, translated, and published.  Obviously, for the short term people just come to me and say "hey, can you put this up on the site?"  What I am proposing now is a more formal process (picking up a theme here?) where stories, ideas, articles, and pictures are sent to "" at which point one of our staff of web site editors will take over.

Additionally, Ben Klaus has volunteered to help with the "Students" and "Faculty" tabs, putting up content on those areas of the web site.  I would also like to do faculty profiles (faculty willing, of course) where we would feature a different faculty member each week and ask a few questions like:
  1. How long have you been at Paul Revere?
  2. Where did you grow up?
  3. Why did you become a teacher?
Anyway, the point is that there is lots of content out there already, and the task at hand is really in just organizing all of it.

And in conclusion...