Organization Pages

One of the main purposes of the web site needs to be to give people (both school community members and the general public) a place to go to find out about the various organizations that are part of the school.  In addition to that, members of those organizations need to have a place where they can keep documents, meeting minutes, and other electronic materials.  This is important because it promotes continuity for these groups, and enables the progress to be handed down even as individual members cycle through these groups.

Each organization will also have its own Google Calendar, which will show on the organization page and also be rolled up into the master calendar on the front page of the site.

In general, therefore, organizational pages have a very public purpose as well as a sort of "members only" purpose.  Not all materials produced by these groups are suitable for public consumption.  My proposal here will be that each organization have a public page that contains the up to date, general information, such as who is in the group, what the purpose of the group is, when the next meeting will be held, etc.  There will also be a "Members" page, one per organization, which will have access privileges restricted only to those people who should have access to the information.  Enforcing these restrictions will require that you set up an identity with Google, but it does not mean that you have to get a e-mail account.  You can use your current e-mail address as your Google login.

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