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Yearly Appeal

* Get Ms. Afflick to chime in on the goal.
* Goal thermometer on web site.

March/April?  But starting before the end of the 2013 tax year. (pre Jen Wall)

Just some general numbers: Mission Science costs us $5,000 a year for K-5 in-class sessions and field trips, plus we used a $12,000 grant over two years to provide professional development in the middle school through Mission Science, something we could consider continuing.

Using primarily SIG money, we are easily spending $40,000-$50,000  or more on arts and enrichment during the school day. It was more last year.

In terms of technology, I can't think of significant ongoing expenses, but there were some major infrastructure and equipment expenditures at the beginning of the SIG grant, I believe. I think Stacy would have a better idea of our ongoing needs on that front.