The Paul Revere community has a lot of people who speak English and no Spanish, or Spanish and very little English, and a fortunate few who are fluent in both.  To date, translation has been a responsibility that has fallen to people who are kind enough to lend their time and effort to one-off projects, translating an article or document at the last minute.  I am hoping that we can formalize this function a bit, and that we can build up a team of volunteers who will be called upon from time to time to translate content.  My thought is that we could institute a new online group called "" who could pitch in on the translation efforts that come up.  Here is how I think this could work:

  1. People who are writing articles and documents could send an email with the text of the article in its original language to
  2. Hopefully we would have a couple dozen people on this email list.  One of them would pick up the work by responding to the original email with a message saying "I'll take this one!"  This would be done to avoid having multiple people working on the same translation task.
  3. The person who claimed the task would then later reply to the original email with the translated text.  The text would go to the whole list so that everyone would get a chance to see the translation, and so that everyone would know that the work had been done.
  4. The original writer of the article would then publish the article or document in both languages.
I know that this sounds like a heavyweight process, but I would like to try it out to see how it works.  What I am excited about is that it gives people the opportunity to volunteer and participate on their own terms and on their own time.  Translation can take place any time, anywhere, and it may provide some in our community a way to make a real contribution to back to the school by using their unique talents.